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      F I R S T   D R A F T
C   O   N   N   E   C   T            C   O   L   L   A   B   O   R   A   T   E             C   H   A   L   L   E   N   G   E           C   R   E   A   T   E
           P l a y é e   G r o u p 
      New Play Development Round Table
    Artist Support

U N I Q U E   E V E N T S
Providing an opportunity for artists to learn from one another, bounce ideas around a table and support outside projects is one of the most important facets of what we do at Studio4Seattle. Whether it is audition prep, script readings and feedback, coaching and support or simply providing a place to connect with like minded people - the Studio4 membership is always eager to welcome new friends and challenge each other to step outside our comfort zones, take risks and cevelop new work.
Our Event Based production company aims to bring people together in dynamic new ways in order to connect artists to each other and to our audience to openly discuss the art, it's successes and shortcomings and learn from one another in an open forum of mutual respect, collaboration and support. We strive to create ownership in the creative process that is shared between artist and audience while sharing our talents to teach, inspire and entertain.
​The Studio4Seattle Playée Group provides an opportunity to writers and actors to gather on a regular basis to read and offer feedback on new scripts while challenging the actors to polish their cold reading skills. This group is an excellent opportunity for new friends to join in the fun, share a few laughs and enjoy some snacks and sips - the  P l a y é e G r o u p is always a B.Y.O.B. potluck event and always a great time. 
The TAKE4 writing project is a fun way to challenge writers to work together in an improvisational script workshop. Groups of 4 writers each take turns adding four pages to each others scripts trying to create a narrative that will be read and work-shopped by the  Playée Group and hopefully developed into a producible piece of art. The TAKE4 project runs throughout the year and is always looking for writers to participate from all over the country.
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Let's talk about the future......
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
As we continue to grow and support each other as artists, studio4seattle strives to connect the people of our community to challenging new projects, relationships and enjoyment of the creativity that we all share. We hope that you will join us at our upcoming meeting to discuss what lies ahead for us in the new year! 
Cheers - and Happy New Year!
N e x t   M e e t i n g   A n n o u n c e m e n t
Join us in the Red Velvet Lounge at the Rendezvous in Belltown to read and offer feedback on some new work by studio4seattle playwright Micah Kolding and join in the conversation about what's next for studio4seattle. Come hungry and thirsty - great food and drink at the Rendezvous! This Tuesday, February 3rd - 7pm
2322 2nd Ave - Seattle 98121
Tuesday, February 3rd 
7pm - 10pm